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Pregnancy Safe Skin Care

Skin Care that’s Safe During Pregnancy –

Your Courtesy of icare4autism.orgbody goes through quite a lot of changes when you are pregnant and your skin is no exception. You know the basics- stay away from fish (mercury), meat (investigate the source!), soft cheeses, caffeine, and alcohol. But what about the products you apply topically to your skin? Those also affect the livelihood of your baby on the way, and the products you’ve been using pre-pregnancy are not always the ones that agree with your skin as you start to go through this beautiful change. Here’s our guide of what happens to your skin when you are pregnant, what products are pregnancy safe, and what products to avoid.

Looking good starts with feeling good. Begin with Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Organic Morning Wellness Tea that has ginger and mint to settle and soothe your stomach when you’re experiencing morning sickness.

The Glow:

You’re carrying 25-50 pounds more than your typical weight and when people acknowledge you’re pregnant, the first thing to come out of their mouth is, ‘you’re glowing’. A beautiful compliment, but is it in fact true? Yes! Its biological- the increased volume of blood causes your face to have a natural blushed appeal because of the blood vessels in your skin’s surface. To boot, the increased secretion of your oil glands give skin a waxy and radiant shine.

The Mask:

The Mask. Juice Beauty Tinted Moisturizer. Courtesy of juicebeauty.comInto your second trimester, you may experience brownish or yellowish patches along the surface of your skin, medically referred to as chloasma. Some call it the doomed mask of pregnancy as its destined to appear on your forehead, upper cheeks, nose and chin. Estrogen and progesterone stimulate the melanin cells in your skin (the same cells that are stimulated when your non-pregnant self basked in the sun). As you produce extra pigments, you take on a blotchy tan. Those that are naturally more tan can experience dark circles around their eyes but this can be minimized by limiting your exposure to ultraviolet light and using one of the many pregnancy safe tints on the market today. We love the tinted moisturizer and powder by the organic skin care powerhouse, Juice Beauty, with an SPF of 30. Choose which shade suites you best, sheer, ivory, sand, or tan. This product has ingredients such as grape and aloe juice that both protect your skin while providing a radiant and evenly toned complexion. For best results use with Skin Again’s ‘Youth’ which works to alleviate hyper-pigmentation and even out your skin tone.


Let's Be Clear. Just above Linea Nigra on the article. Courtesy of Pretty Momma's.We recently blogged about adults with acne because people of every age group suffer from breakouts. The acne you experience during pregnancy is hormonal and rarely as widespread as the acne you may have experienced in your teenage years. During your pregnancy you should avoid harsh scrubs, exfoliants, and be aware that your skin is ultra sensitive. Acne medication is out of the question because of the harmful chemicals that can cause birth defects to your baby. Instead, we recommend using an oatmeal based face scrub- combine 1 tablespoon of oatmeal to hot water. Wait 10 minutes for it to cool and then apply in circular motions to your skin. After you’ve allowed your skin to absorb and rejuvenate rinse with warm water. If minimal treatment doesn’t do the trick, try SkinAgain’s AHA Cleanser followed by their Clear lotion for blemish prone skin. Both are specially-formulated pregnancy, nursing friendly products. We also like Pretty Mommies ‘Let’s Be Clear’ spritzer which helps prevent hormonal breakouts during pregnancy. Rest assured that after you deliver your little on, this little acne party will be gone!




Linea Nigra:

Cream for Linea NigraYou may not recognize the name, but we’re sure you’ve been warned about the classic white or dark line that runs from navel to pubic bone when you’re pregnant. Often this happens during your second trimester and for some women this extends up beyond the navel. Women report that this is the last thing to disappear after they deliver, but it all depends on your skin tone and how you assist the body through its shift in pigmentation. Sunscreen is your best friend and so is Skin Again’s ‘Youth’ – apply liberally everyday.













Dark Spots Become Darker:

Moles and freckles expand, birthmarks that you never noticed before take on a darker pigmentation, your nipples become darker, but these are marks of love. Take inventory of changes in your skin and consult a dermatologist if your moles begin to appear raised, with irregular borders, or pink.

Spider Veins:

The squiggly purple capillaries just below the skins surface do become more visible during pregnancy. Dermatologist can remove these after you have your baby with a small injection, but low intensity exercise and elevating the legs while you sit also work to prevent spider veins. Massage is another way to improve circulation so tell your signifiant other that it’s just a requirement!

This amazing ‘Vanish’ cream prevents and reduces stretch marks and improves skin elasticity. The active ingredients help guide your skin through the extra stretching it takes on during your pregnancy. There are also products like ‘Relief’ which are nourishing, and pregnancy safe to help alleviate the itching sensation women often experience when they’re pregnant.

Skin Tags:

Some women find they have small polyps called skin tags. Not to worry, this is the result of skin rubs on skin or clothing and it’s only a superficial layer of skin. They can disappear within a few months, but if they are too bothersome your dermatologist can remove them for you. Check under your arms, your neck, and under your bra lines.

Eat food’s high in omega-3’s, choline (vitamin B), fiber and calcium. Honest Co. has a great prenatal vitamin- here is the recommended link! For more tips on a natural pregnancy visit The Stir’s blog here.

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