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Top Skincare Gifts for Her

We all have that intelligent, beautiful, and intensely selective woman in our lives. She’s your mother, your girlfriend, your wife, the Bonnie to your Clyde, and every holiday you search for something special that will commence a hallelujah of sorts. Interested in learning how to be a gift giving ninja, so that you can confidently kiss that gift receipt goodbye? Here’s our rundown of the top gifts for her this holiday season, courtesy of Christine Grimes (owner of Skin Diva Day Spa in Dana Point, California). Grimes gives unsurpassed organic facials that she customizes to suit your personal needs, she is continuously in search of all-natural products that have visible (and tangible) results, and with years of experience as a makeup artist and esthetician we entrust in her skin diva recommendations.

SkinAgain’s AHA exfoliating cleanser (with natural Alpha Hydroxy acids and micro-spherical Jojoba Oil) and Youth (equip with tree fern extract and peptides that diminish wrinkles and promote elasticity within the skin) are the perfect combination for keeping dull winter skin at bay. These two products serve as an all-in-one skincare duo, makeup primer, and of course are natural, vegan, and gluten-free. Missed our Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale? Not to worry— SkinAgain is offering 15% off and free rush shipping through December 31st.


Supracor: The company has developed technology this is soft, flexible, and taking over the beauty, medical, and (oddly yet genius enough) the commercial and military airplane seat cushion industry. Supracor refers to its technology as natures honeycomb after the “accomplished mathematicians and architects [that are honeybees creating] a hexagonal structure. An extremely efficient design.” The company took this structure and made it flexible, fusion-bonded, resistant to puncture (it’s able to withstand a horse galloping at roughly 5,000-6,000 pounds per square inch), it’s flexible at high and low temperatures, it’s shock absorbent, and anti-microbial.

Now that you know the technology is that of the future, the question then becomes which product to purchase. The Stimulite Wellness Bed Pillow is made with honeycomb material and provides optimal neck support. It’s allergen free and comes with a removable organic cotton cover. Recognizing that sleep is essential to wellness and thus beauty, this is a worthy investment. Grimes notes that the spa cell bath mat and facial sponge to exfoliate the face are must have’s. The facial sponge stimulates blood and lymph flow, decreasing unfavorable puffiness and works to eliminate toxins while promoting cellular regeneration.


Glycelene: Glycelene is the brainchild of a micro-biologist and a celebrity makeup artist. Together they formed a vegan, natural, organic, and luxurious skin line founded on the organic vegetable glycerin, which restores elasticity to aging and damaged skin. “They’ve reinvented vaseline with Omega 6 and COQ10 (this protects against premature aging and it’s a potent anti-oxidant)” Grimes told me. Additional, wow-worthy ingredients include passion fruit (rich in linoleic acid), babassu seed oil (an emollient aka the goddess of moisture), acai (a high source of Vitamin C), rice bran oil (easily absorbed and rich in fatty acids) and the list goes on.


We can’t live without the lip supplement made with organic mint and cacao.  The green hue of the balm comes from a root and has the ability to rewind time, taking your lips back to their original, youthful coloring. Additional products on our radar are Glycelene’s beauty ointment (use it as a hydration mask), ‘seatox’ mist, and their eczema ointment which soothes flare ups and quickly addresses uncomfortable rashes.

Kneipp: Sebastian Kneipp is considered to be the pioneer of naturopathic and preventive medicine.  He believed that our lifestyle habits as well as our environment should be a balanced unit and in order to achieve that, human beings need water, plants, and exercise. Of course this also falls down to a beauty regimen and the products that we invite into our lives, which is why the company has created an impressive plant dictionary on their website and a plethora of lifestyle products to heal year-round. “Kniepp’s eucalyptus bath oil opens the sinuses. This is great for the imminent cold and flu season” Grimes explained. If relaxation is your mantra and you (or the giftee) is in need of energy, then the Spuce and Pine aromatherapy bath oil is for you.


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